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Deep in a Dark Reverie 'unanchored'


Deep in a Dark Reverie 'unanchored'
Deep In A Dark Reverie is a visual documentation of dream states — states that are universally familiar in both their chaos and their illusory, fleeting clarity.

Recreating her own absurd and isolating dream worlds, Tajette explores the lingering sensations we experience in the first moments of waking and renders them tangible; using the subject’s interactions with an unpredictable and volatile natural environment she attempts to illuminate the equally tenuous world of the subconscious.

Photographed over a period of three months in locations across Victoria, NSW and Tasmania, the images’ vast landscapes are both vivid and ethereal, encapsulating the ambiguity of our dreams and nightmares and the seemingly limitless imagination of the dreamer.

SMALL (limited edition of 20)
29.7cm x 42.0cm (approx A3)
size includes 3-4cm border
Print $250

MEDIUM (limited edition of 10)
42.0cm x 59.4cm (approx A2)
size includes 4-5cm border
Print $450

LARGE (limited edition of 10)
73.8cm x 49.2cm (approx A1)
size includes 5-6cm border
Print $650

*all images are printed on 100% cotton archival rag paper, hand signed and numbered

*if you have any questions regarding shipping, framing, sizes or materials please contact me using the form on this site.

*prices are for prints only